Jayski.com: New look for Buescher at Talladega

"It will be hard to miss the No. 37 Velveeta Chevrolet this weekend," Buescher said. "The car is as vibrant as the Velveeta shells and cheese themselves. We're very fortunate to be able to run so many different and unique paint schemes this season at JTG Daugherty Racing, and I'm looking forward to showing off the 'Liquid Gold' this weekend for 500 miles at Talladega Superspeedway."

"Don't wreck," Buscher joked. "My superspeedway record on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series side hasn't been super great, but we've found a lot of success in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. We were having a really strong day at Daytona (International Speedway) until we got caught in a wreck that I couldn't avoid. Sometimes I think one or two of those wrecks you could say we could have done something different to escape them, and the other three we have just been an innocent bystander and gotten hit in the right rear and that's hard to swallow. It's a tough thing when we go racing that we always seem to get caught up in something. We've tried it both ways. We've tried to ride around in the front, we've tried to stay behind in the back and it hasn't worked yet. We'll see how this weekend goes and hopefully luck will fall our way."

"For us, the expected growing pains were there," Buescher said. "Trying to hire in new people and get everything going when moving to the second half of the shop in Harrisburg (N.C.) and get everything rolling smoothly have been some of the biggest goals early in the season. It's been work, and everyone has had to mesh but I think it's coming along nicely and we're starting to get to the point where we're more in production rather than early building stages. We're more in a rhythm in the shop and getting comfortable with our team. Everyone is starting to get more comfortable so you definitely see more personalities coming out. So, it's becoming more fun as we go. It's going well."

"Talladega Superspeedway is definitely all about luck and being there at the end," Owens said. "We had a really good car in Daytona, and our teammate AJ Allmendinger also had a really good car in Daytona. There's no reason why we both can't go to Talladega, dodge the accidents and be there at the end. I feel like we can get a good finish. With it being an impound race, practices are more helpful for the team. So, we'll practice Friday, qualify on Saturday and race on Sunday and hopefully luck will be on our side."

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