Kansas final TV ratings

UPDATE: NASCAR Cup Series racing from Kansas earned 2.6 million viewers on Fox Sports 1 Saturday night, down 17% from last year (3.1M) but up 6% from 2015, when the race ended after 1 AM due to a rain delay (2.5M). Ratings fell 18% year-over-year (from 1.88 to 1.55).

It was the second-least watched Cup Series race at Kansas (dates back to 2011) and, at best, tied as the lowest rated.

Ratings and viewership declined despite much lighter competition than last year, when the race faced an NBA playoff game on ABC (5.8M) and an NHL game on NBC that had a Kentucky Derby lead-in (4.2M). This year's race faced no NBA competition and a weaker NHL game (2.9M).

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Original post: 5-15-2017