Kyle Busch & Martin Truex, Jr comments

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 M&M's Red, White, and Blue Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 2nd

How discouraging is it to be beaten on fuel mileage?
"This M&M's Camry was awesome tonight. It was just super fast. I mean we had one of the fastest cars all night long and then the 78 (Martin Truex Jr.) was probably the fastest car. There at the end, somehow we ran him down. You know he got a straightaway out on us, but there that last 100 laps we were able to get back to him and pass him so you know that was promising for us there at the end in order to get a second-place finish, but man just so so disappointed. I don't know. We ran our own race. We did what we needed to do and it wasn't - it wasn't the right game. We come up short and finish second."

Do you feel like the JGR cars have the speed you were lacking earlier in the year?
"Yeah, I would guess so. I mean you finish second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, tenth - eleventh, whatever the hell it is. Yeah."

How frustrating is it to get beaten on a fuel gamble?
"This M&M's Camry was really really fast tonight. Our guys did a great job - Adam Stevens (crew chief) and everybody brought me a really fast car. Best car I've ever had at Charlotte and you know, for as far as Truex got out there towards the end, that last stint, I was surprised I could close back in on him and get him there at the end in order to finish second. I don't know. It's a frustrating night, man. I am so so disappointed. I don't know - there's nothing we could've done different. We just ran our own race and did what we needed to do for what we had going on and come up short."

MARTIN TRUEX JR., No. 78 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats Toyota Camry, Furniture Row Racing

Finishing Position: 3rd

A strong car all night. Talk about coming up short at the end.
That stings a little bit, but can't say enough about the guys on the team and everybody in Denver. Everybody on this Bass Pro Toyota did a heck of a job today. We just - we missed it a little bit on our last adjustment. I think if not for that we probably could've gotten the 3 (Austin Dillon). And then lapped traffic is just so tough here. There's a few guys out there that you don't ever know where they're going to be when you get to the corner and it cost you so much time trying to pass them, ultimately that's what got us. It is what it is. Like I said, we're proud of everybody at TRD, at Toyota, Bass Pro and all the partners. Just came up a little short tonight."

What do you take away from a night like tonight and your performance?
"It's two out of three. Last three years, that's two of them we lost on full mileage, so that kind of stinks, but big picture-wise it was a good night. I mean, the Bass Pro Toyota was fast. The guys did a phenomenal job all night long. Got behind a few times, fall back, got the lead and then just - fuel mileage didn't play out our way. We were a little too loose that last run as well and I think had we not been, we probably could've chased him down. We may have caught him on the last lap, but overall I mean, can't say enough about the team and what they're doing. Tonight was tough, man. The cars were a handful. I drove my butt off, but it wasn't to be tonight."

Is it odd that in a 600 mile race you wanted a few more laps?
"A couple more would have been nice, but if we had a couple more Kyle (Busch) would have beat us. He passed us coming to the checkers and I was just hanging on that last run. I was really, really, really loose and I think if we weren't too loose then we probably would have caught the 3 (Austin Dillon) maybe on the last lap. The last 15 laps or so I was really just struggling and hanging on. Of course you get to lapped traffic and you never know where they're going to be, there's five or six cars out there that go in a different lane every time you catch them - they go into the corner on the bottom and they come out of the corner on the top. You wouldn't believe how much time you lose trying to pass those guys. That cost us a ton of time and then we were just too loose trying to get there and burned the right rear off."

How challenging was the car to drive during this race?
"It was really tricky, cars were really, really hard to drive. It was a handful. We would be out there stretching the lead and I'm telling you, if I ever tried to run 99 percent I would about crash. I literally had to drive every lap as hard as I could or it wouldn't drive right. It was very, very tough - long night obviously and it was hot out there. Wish we could have won this one. That's two out of the last three years that we lost them on fuel mileage and we won last year. Bittersweet that's for sure.

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