Blaney, Logano to run larger axles

After two broken axles in as many races for Ryan Blaney and the #21 Wood Brothers Ford, crew chief Jeremy Bullins elected to go in a different direction for this weekend's Pocono 400.

As a precaution, both the #21 and the #22 Team Penske Ford will run larger axles at Pocono Raceway.

"It's a part that we had run a long time without any issues," Bullins told motorsport.com. "So when we had the first issue, we kind of looked at it as maybe a fluke deal. But then when he had the second issue so quickly, we felt like maybe there was something more going on.

"Until we have a better understanding of what happened, we made a change. It's a bought part. As I said, a part we ran for a long time without any issues. I won't say we won't be back there eventually, we just have to figure out what happened."

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