Speedway Motorsports announces digital partnership with ISM Connect

Speedway Motorsports announced its partnership with ISM Connect to bring the world’s largest digital fan engagement network to its eight world-class venues. The new partnership and technology will debut at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 race weekend at Sonoma R Speedway Motorsports

For nearly six decades, Speedway Motorsports, Inc. has built and modernized its eight world-class motorsports properties to become the finest in the industry, offering unmatched spectator enjoyment, convenience and accessibility. Today, Speedway Motorsports announced its partnership with ISM Connect, a pioneer in sports venue digital activation, to bring the world's largest digital fan engagement network to its eight world-class venues. The new partnership and technology will debut at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 race weekend at Sonoma Raceway, June 23-25, with full deployment at all Speedway Motorsports' facilities by 2018.

"We are excited to be able to deliver this revolutionary fan engagement platform with SMI at these premier sporting venues," said ISM Connect CEO Nelson Martinez. "SMI has long been a leader and innovator in the world of motorsports. The SMI brand presence and state-of-the-art sports venues make it an ideal partner for ISM Connect's expansion into the next level of fan and brand engagement. The success of any sport depends on continued emphasis on improving the fan experience."

Manufacturing Resources International (MRI), the technology leader in outdoor LCD displays, has partnered with ISM to be the cornerstone sponsor of ISM Vision Powered by BoldVu® at all Speedway Motorsports' facilities. ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu®, will include nearly 200 IP-connected digital displays, including each track's large-format digital screens and dozens of 6000 nit 86-inch UHD displays housed in weatherproof casings. Displays will be strategically positioned to offer a 'verticalized' heat map of consumer segments that congregate throughout various locations at the venue.

"By 'verticalizing' the consumer journey throughout the entire venue, ISM Connect is improving the visitors' experience and creating an approach to venue engagement that generates new and sustainable revenue streams, and delivers enhanced demographic data to advertisers within targeted consumer verticals. We are creating true win/win outcomes," said Jeff Hutchins, president of ISM Connect.

An interconnected series of digital displays optimized for visitor engagement, ISM Connect enhances the fan experience via targeted content, communications and promotions. By building brand relationships with consumers that extends far beyond the event, ISM Connect offers a new revenue channel for venues in search of improved monetization, and measurable ROI for key sponsors. ISM Connect's proprietary mobile technologies will offer a stand-alone fan companion app, as well as integrations with each track's existing app, providing fans with easy access to live event schedules, venue wayfinding and real-time traffic, weather and race updates. By providing fans with a unique combination of informational content, value-added promotions and exciting contests and competitions, the ISM Connect 360° digital platform allows for a more integrated marketing experience and rich on-site activation opportunities that extend beyond property after the race weekend concludes.

"We are thrilled about the long-term partnership with ISM Connect, and the opportunity to leverage their state of the art digital platform across the entire Speedway Motorsports portfolio," said Speedway Motorsports' Chief Strategy Officer Mike Burch. "Our integrated program puts the fans first and ISM Connect has gone above and beyond to create a uniquely engaging platform which continues to improve the fan experience across our properties."

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