Kentucky commercial breakdown

For those of you NASCAR fans that like stats and love to hate commercials, here is the breakdown for Saturday's race.

Began recording the times at the Invocation of the race at 7:30 PM, and stopped at the waving of the checkered flag at 10:47 PM (all times are EDT). Did not keep records for the pre- and post-race coverage.

NBCSN was the broadcast team for this event.

Total number of commercials: 111

Total number of companies or entities advertised: 54

Number of traditional commercials (not split-screen): 84

Total number of companies or entities advertised: 47

Number of 'Side-by-Side' commercials during race broadcast (split-screen): 27

Total number of companies or entities advertised: 20

Number of times NBCSN utilized 'Side-by-Side' commercials during this broadcast:4

Total number of brief promos of products/services during the race broadcast (including company logos 'floating' in corners of the screen): 121

Total amount of time these brief promos take during broadcast: app. 3 min. 5 sec. 

Total minutes of complete race broadcast: 197

Minutes of race broadcast: 160

Minutes of traditional commercials (not split-screen): 37

Minutes of 'Side-by-Side' commercials (split-screen): 11

Number of missed restarts: 0

Number of 'mystery cautions' (debris not shown): 0

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