Pocono willing to hold a Cup race on road course

What would Pocono call itself if it ditched its tri-oval shape for a Cup race on the road course? Track CEO Nick Igdalsky said he would be willing to hold one of the track's two Cup races on the road course .

That's if Pocono keeps two NASCAR weekends.

"If that's the direction of the future of the sport, like what Charlotte did, then I would be open to a road course race for one of the two, especially if it secures a second date for Pocono well into the future," Igdalsky said Monday. "By no means do I want to do that. I want to keep two ovals. But if that's the direction of the future of the sport, then we are prepared to move in that direction."

While track founder, Joseph Mattioli, and former CEO Brandon Igdalsky were adamant about keeping two races, Nick Igdalsky realized the track could be on the chopping block if NASCAR wanted to shake up the schedule.

"We'd love to continue having two," he said. "But if one day, it that's not the way the cards fall, so be it. We'd still be honored to be part of the show."

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