Michigan will drag tires on track again

Michigan International Speedway, in consultation with NASCAR, is again dragging tires to help provide teams more grip for this weekend's races, but there are a couple of changes, NBC Sports has learned.

Tires will not be dragged to the wall as was done for the June race. Instead, tires have been dragged from the top of the bottom groove up about 24 feet - three widths of the Tire Dragon. That would take it about two-thirds of the way to the wall.

Also, the track has been able to spend more time dragging tires. The process for this weekend's race began July 14. While the track has not been able to drag tires every day, it has done so most days. By adding rubber, the goal is to provide drivers with more grip in multiple lanes, allowing drivers to use more of the track.

There are no plans to treat the track with a traction compound.

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