Kyle Busch's Comments after winning Dover

#18-Kyle Busch won the Apache Warrior 400 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway for his 4th win of 2017, 3rd win at Dover and 42nd career win.

Kyle Busch's Comments after winning Dover

Q) Is this what you race for?
Kyle Busch: "Yeah, no doubt. Yeah, it is. It's no doubt the moment that you live for. It's the moment that all these guys live for and what we with do with this M&M's Caramel team and this Toyota Camry was not the best there early on, but we made a lot of gains on it and got it where it was really good there at the end and I was making the most out of it there and being able to run the top and get some speed going with some momentum around the top side and I can't say enough about Chase (Elliott). I mean, he's an awesome competitor and great kid, great friend. I raced with him in late models and coming off of (Turn) 2 there, you know, he could have pulled up and checked up my momentum. I did kind of check up because I wasn't quite sure, but then he gave me a enough room and I put it back down and just kept my momentum up there, got along side of him and get ready for the entry to (Turn) 3."

Q) What made the difference at the end?
Kyle Busch: "Just we kept working on it all day long. We kept making adjustments to it every pit stop, every chance we got and Adam (Stevens, crew chief) and the guys did a really, really good job of that and I think the biggest thing there at the end was just having a little bit fewer, fresher lap tires than Chase (Elliott) did and I wasn't sure if it was going to be enough when I got close. I got within five lengths and I stalled out and I was like, 'Oh, man, I think that was it,' you know? But I got back to the top and got enough momentum back rolling. Chase was kind of plugged up with the lap cars in front of him, so I think the lap cars actually helped us with that one, but overall just great day for us. Great job by the team being able to get in victory lane here in Dover. It's been a long time since we've been in victory lane here and it's hard to come by wins here because Jimmie (Johnson) takes up all the darn monster trophies, but it's nice to have a third of fourth in my collection - I can't remember."

Q) What did you not like early in the race?
Kyle Busch: "The biggest thing was just getting looser with laps. I thought everybody was getting looser with laps, but it just seemed like me for whatever reason whenever I get too loose I just get really loose and I was just trying to hang on for all it was worth and being able to make sure that I can have a good car on the long runs and I let a lot of guys go in the mid-part of the run, but I could never get them back in the long haul, so it was always best to keep anybody that was coming behind you behind you and then, you know, having the car tight enough to be able to hold them off."

Q) How do the next three races set up for you?
Kyle Busch: "We've got to win Charlotte. Apparently, I haven't won there before, so I need to go get that win and check that one off the list and that will put us into the next round and we'll go from there."

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