David Ragan expects to return to Front Row

From an interview with Frontstretch.com:

Albino: Obviously, Silly Season is well into play and probably coming to a close quickly. Do you know what your plans are for 2018?

Ragan: I don't have everything in pen yet, but I expect to be back at Front Row Motorsports. Bob has been really good to me over my career. We don't have everything finalized, but we're working toward that.

Albino: What attracts you to this team that makes you want to take the next step with them?

Ragan: I think it's a sense of pride for me. I'm not a 20-year-old anymore. I'm kind of a little older in terms of NASCAR age, but I've enjoyed working with Bob as a person and you want to have a good working relationship with your team and your car owner and I think I have that. It's given me a sense of pride and accomplishment for me to say that I've helped Front Row Motorsports get their first, first this, first that. We attracted some good partners along the way, and it's a good story. I would love to be on a team that can contend for wins every single weekend, and everybody wants that. But the job that I have is pretty fun and I do have a sense of accomplishment in Front Row Motorsports getting there.

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