Talladega accident quotes

#18-Kyle Busch, #41-Kurt Busch, #78-Martin Truex Jr., #95-Michael McDowell, #34-Landon Cassill and #3-Austin Dillon crash during a NASCAR Talladega auto race at Talladega Superspeedway, Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, in Talladega, Ala. AP Photo/Dale Davis

RICKY STENHOUSE JR. - No. 17 Sunny D Ford Fusion - "I really haven't seen the replay, I was just running up the bottom there and the 38 ended up right in front of us. It was a bummer. We were working on getting our track position back. We felt good in the first run and got hung out there at the end of the second stage and were just working on our track position. I felt like we had a really fast Sunny D Ford to contend for a win and put on a show for all these fans that came out. Bummer we don't get to do it but we will go on to Kansas next week and have some fun." HOW DO YOU APPROACH KANSAS NEXT WEEKEND? "We're going to go out and have some fun. We got points in the first stage (today) like we wanted. We were in position at the end of the second stage to get points as well and it just didn't work out. Then I felt like we were in a position we could work our way to the front right there and pass a few cars and be in contention for a win. It just wasn't our day.". HOW DID THAT UNFOLD? "We were running up the bottom and all of a sudden the 38 came down. I saw some stuff going on at the top and kind of right in front of me, but the 38 ended up parked right in front of us. I felt like we had a really good run coming up the bottom with the 48, trying to get some of our track position back that we had lost at the end of the second stage. Our Sunny D Ford was fast again. It felt like we had a car that was capable of getting up there and contending for the win, led some laps and it was a bummer we didn't get into Victory Lane, but we'll go onto Kansas next week and have some fun. Hopefully, one of the Fords left can get into Victory Lane for Doug and everybody at Roush Yates Engines after Robert passed this past week. Hopefully, one of them will get it done for us and we'll go on to Kansas and have some fun

KURT BUSCH - No. 41 Monster Energy Ford Fusion - "We got hooked in the right rear and I was pretty close to the front of the pack. I am just happy everything turned out the way it did to just not get clobbered by all the cars coming by. My guess is the outside lane was all jumbled up getting aggressive and pushing and somebody spun out and clipped us in the right rear. I thought we were looking good with the Monster Ford. We were coming from behind and the inside lane was open and we were making hay but now here we are coming out of the infield care center. That is just Talladega. That is how it works out. We need to figure out how to make the cars better so everybody can bump draft a little harder."

KEVIN HARVICK - No. 4 Busch Light Ford Fusion - TWO INCIDENTS FOR YOU. "I'm fine. The last one we slowed down and I got in the back of the 75. I checked up and then the 21 popped up on the race track and I couldn't get slowed down. It was just a bad weekend. The Busch Light Ford wasn't as good as we needed. We had to start in the back and went to the back a couple other times and just couldn't make anything happen. We were on defense the whole time and wound up wrecked twice, so not a good weekend."

RYAN BLANEY - No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion - "We were up by the wall and somebody probably got turned and I got in it. I didn't think there were enough cars to wreck that much anymore, but we happened to find it and a good day kind of down the drain." HOW BIG WAS THE STAGE 2 WIN? "It's obviously valuable, but it's ruined now." WHAT HAPPENED? "I don't know. I went to the outside there and suddenly we all came together, which stinks. It's unfortunate. We had a really good day going. We were racing hard and have nothing to show for it." HOW DISAPPOINTING? "Obviously, it's disappointing. Everyone had a good chance for the win. I thought we were one of the faster cars all day, which was nice to show, but you can be the fastest car and not finish the race and you've got nothing to show for it." SOME STAGE POINTS COULD HELP. "Yeah, you've got to hope because we're gonna finish 25th now. They really don't mean anything. We had a shot to win the race, but you finish 25th and you get 18 stage points it doesn't matter."

JIMMIE JOHNSON, NO. 48 LOWE'S CHEVROLET SS - Involved in a multi-car accident on Lap 173
"Really hard to tell what started it. I just saw the No. 38 turning down across the group and hooked me and sent me up into the wall. What we are trying to get to the bottom of is our spotter was informed to let us start working on the car and I guess there was some miscommunication there from NASCAR to our spotter and we may have lost some valuable points on pit road as a result. So, we've got to get to the bottom of that and find out what happened there."

"I'm OK. It knocked the wind out of me for sure. But the thing I'm most concerned about is that there was a cue given to our spotter for our guys to start working on the car. We went out and made a lap and advanced quite a few spots as a result. Now it looks like NASCAR is trying to take that away from us. Us and a few other cars heard the cue to allow the guys to start working when the red flag had finished but we didn't get the cue on pit row. I'm still not clear on what all went on. I think we're in a bad situation as a result. Hopefully NASCAR can look at it and we can get this rectified."

"Definitely valuable. That was part of the plan coming in here, and I think the whole field kind of had that same mindset. We had a very fast Lowe's Chevrolet even with it torn up after a couple of little incidents on the track. We were still in there mixing it up for the win. I hate that we're not on the track now. Whatever is going on with this red-flag issue certainly could hurt us."

CHASE ELLIOTT, NO. 24 NAPA CHEVROLET SS - Involved in a multi-car accident on Lap 184
"I got on the inside of Daniel (Suarez) and Kyle (Larson) had left me enough room from the bottom to get there and was there. I don't guess he saw me in time. I had a really big run coming and it was the time of day to go, so we went."

"Yeah, I had a really big run, Dale (Earnhardt, Jr.) was giving me a great shove and Daniel (Suarez) had left enough room in the middle and (Kyle) Larson left me enough room from the bottom. There was a hole and I filled it. I don't guess Daniel (Suarez) either saw me in time or what it was just had a high rate of speed coming and he didn't know or tried to block it I'm not sure. We will move on."

"There's not really a silver lining in having an opportunity to finish one off and not. It was far from over and we had an opportunity. I'm more disappointed about that. The car was good again today, and that means more than anything so we'll move on."

AUSTIN DILLON, NO. 3 AMERICAN ETHANOL CHEVROLET SS - Involved in a multi-car accident on Lap 173
"Just part of this racing. What do you do? You can go and race hard all day. You can ride in the back and try to not to get in one of those big wrecks. I was proud we got some of those stage points. Was trying to push back up there. We were in a pretty good spot. Had a little momentum there. Just got caught in the wreck. There was nowhere to go. You are just holding on after that. It took the car out. The No. 31 he got shuffled to the back and just riding there. He does that a lot in these races and it seems to work out. Maybe I need to do that strategy. If your car is not fast enough to lead, you should probably stay in the back."

MICHAEL McDOWELL, NO. 95 K-LOVE RADIO CHEVROLET SS - Involved in a multi-car accident on Lap 173
"It was just chaos. Just tried to get clear of it. I almost had it cleared and then somebody came down the track and got us. It is part of Talladega racing. You know there is going to be a big one, but you don't where or when, you just hope you aren't in it. Just doesn't seem to matter if you are in the front, or the middle or the back. You just aren't immune to it."

MARTIN TRUEX JR., No. 78 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats Toyota Camry, Furniture Row Racing
What happened to take you out of the race?
"I'm not real sure, I got into the right-rear of the 38 (David Ragan) car a little bit and he got squirrely and then they started wrecking in front of us so I don't know if I turned him sideways and he hit somebody on the inside and then hit somebody on the outside in front of me. I'm not sure if that was the cause of the accident or it was just a secondary thing. I hadn't seen anything up ahead of us. If it was my fault I hate it for everybody involved. Just Talladega. Just everybody running hard with 18 to go and trying to get in a hole that really wasn't there yet."

Is it a relief to know that this incident doesn't ruin your Playoff chances?
"I mean we came here knowing that we were in good shape and we were just going to race hard, try to put ourselves in position to hopefully get another win and unfortunately we couldn't. We could never even get to the lead all day. We tried hard and got close a bunch of times and had a lot of fun out there, just there were some really strong cars and we weren't one of them."

What happened in that incident?
"Well I tried to get into a hole that was closing up at the wrong time and by the time that I got in the brakes trying to get out of there I got in the 38 (David Ragan) a little bit on the right rear and he got squirrely out there and all hell broke loose. Just was trying to get to the end and get some track position and try to get towards the front and have a good day and ended up causing a wreck, so I hate it for everybody. We definitively had nothing to lose today, but at the same time you don't want to be the person that causes others problems. Even though I feel like I've never been that guy here before it looks like today I was, so I hate it for all of those guys and all of their teams. I wish I didn't make that mistake. Just 18 to go at Talladega, trying to get going and trying to fill a hole. Bad judgement and should have been more patient."

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 M&M's Caramel Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
Are you okay after the accident?
"I'm fine. I just didn't know where the heck the 48 (Jimmie Johnson) came from with all of the headrests and all of that stuff I never saw him coming. I wish I would've obviously, I would've tried to dodge left and go to the apron and shoot down there. Looking at it, it looks like I could've missed it. Just never seen him coming, so unfortunately we got caught up in that mess. None of our own wrong doing. I thought when I cleared the 38 (David Ragan) I was home free of it and then had another one come up from the left side. Just hate it for my guys and everything going on with what our situation was today. We'll just have to go on and go to Kansas now."

How does this set you up for Kansas?
"I have no clue. I don't know what's going on around us. I don't know who all was in it with us. Obviously the 48 (Jimmie Johnson), the 78 (Martin Truex Jr.), the 17 (Ricky Stenhouse Jr.), the 1 (Jamie McMurray) has been out for a while, so we should probably be the last guy through."

What happened from your perspective?
"I had no clue what happened. I just saw the 38 (David Ragan) get sideways above me and then he came across my back and I missed him and he must have got the 48 (Jimmie Johnson) and the 48 shot up right across in front of us. I never seen him. I wish I would've saw him a little bit down there. I could've shot to the apron and tried to miss him, but unfortunately we just got messed up in that deal. I hate it for our situation and what we've got going on, that's not what we needed today, but that's what we got so we'll just move on to next week."

ERIK JONES, No. 77 5-hour ENERGY Extra Strength Toyota Camry, Furniture Row Racing
What happened on the race track to cause the incident?
"It was kind of hard to see from my view. I was behind the 18 (Kyle Busch) and he started checking up, he swerved off to the left and the 1 (Jamie McMurray) was sitting there really slow on the race track so I didn't really have any choice. Unfortunately ran him over and kind of caused a chain reaction from there. It's a bummer. We didn't get to race today and I was hoping we'd just get a chance to go up and see what we had. It's unfortunate, but those kind of things are going to happen here."

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