Driving 101 to combine racing experiences

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 1, 2017) - Motorsports' leading fan driving experience partners - Driving 101, which operates NASCAR Racing Experience, Richard Petty Driving Experience and Mario Andretti Racing Experience - announced today they will consolidate the organizations and their operations to deliver the ultimate on-track fan experience at racetracks around the country.

Together, these three trusted brands will create an even more powerful one, with more than 150 race cars - featuring open wheel and stock cars -- and permanent locations throughout the U.S. With the consolidation, NASCAR Racing Experience, Richard Petty Driving Experience and Mario Andretti Racing Experience will now be able to offer its customers more dates at more of the nation's premier speedways. The program will expand to Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a full time operation offering 200 days a year with the addition of Mario

Andretti Racing Experience and their fleet of full size, Indy-style race cars. In addition, the consolidated experience will run at 19 nationwide speedways for NASCAR Racing Experience as well as expanding to 15 nationwide speedways for Mario Andretti Racing Experience.

"This consolidation allows us to provide the best NASCAR stock car and Indy-style car driving experience choice for customers, race fans, thrill seekers and corporate America. In short, we will be the leader in the driving experience industry. We've expanded our nationwide locations, strengthened our marketing strategies, and made the racing experience even more authentic," said Robert Lutz, CEO of Driving 101, which operates NASCAR Racing Experience, Mario Andretti Racing Experience and Richard Petty Driving Experience. "Driving 101 is excited to be able to work with two of the sports icons, Richard Petty and Mario Andretti, to bring this racing experience to the fans."

"This is all about giving the fans more," said Petty. "If they want to drive a NASCAR stock car or an Indy-style car, they now have that option. They can go to more tracks across the country, too. It's just a lot better for the fans and people who want this experience. I see this as a great situation for everyone."
"It's exciting to be part of this extended nationwide program for fans of open-wheel racing and stock cars," said Andretti. "To combine forces with the legendary Richard Petty means race fans can experience some of the thrill we felt as drivers at more tracks than ever before."

About NASCAR Racing Experience: NASCAR Racing Experience is the leading experiential racing company in North America, offering the most realistic racing programs available to motorsports fans nationwide. NASCAR Racing Experience programs are conducted at 19 racetracks across the United States and Mario Andretti Racing Experience is held at 15 racetrack, and both offer a vast array of corporate outings and motorsports themed events. For more information call 704-886-2400 or visit www.NASCARRacingExperience.com

About Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE): RPDE is the worldwide leader in NASCAR race car drive-and-ride entertainment, available at speedways across the U.S. It has base locations in Las Vegas, Daytona, Concord, NC and Kansas City. For track locations, dates of operation, or to book an experience visit www.DrivePetty.com or call 704-455-9443, or stay up-to-date with Facebook, Twitter @Drive Petty or YouTube.

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