Total cautions up in 2017; debris cautions way down

Cautions were up 10 percent this past Cup season compared to 2016, while debris cautions were at their lowest total since 2001.

The results come after a year where questions were raised about if stage breaks would impact the number of cautions in a race and if there would be a decline in debris cautions called this season.

There were 296 cautions this season compared to 269 in 2016, according to race reports for each year. There were 298 cautions during the 2015 season - which did not have stage breaks.

The 2017 season featured 21 debris cautions, a decrease of 58.9 percent from the 2016 season when there were 51 debris cautions called, according to Cup race reports.

With two stage breaks per race, it gave NASCAR the opportunity to clean the track if it needed it. Also, the five-minute clock teams had to repair cars damaged in crashes, and the rule that any car that went to the garage after a crash was done, likely kept some vehicles off the track that would have caused subsequent cautions by dropping parts and pieces.

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