Restrictor plates at All-Star Race?

Clint Bowyer's spotter said on a podcast this week that NASCAR will use restrictor plates for next month's All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It would be the first time restrictor plates have been used at that track in Cup.

"This is going to happen,'' said Brett Griffin on the podcast "Door Bumper Clear on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Dirty Mo Radio. "They're going to put restrictor plates on these cars for the All-Star Race. They're going to knock like 250 horsepower off. We're going to run, I think we're basically running the Xfinity package from Indy ... last year. I was told top speed is going to be around 170 miles an hour.''

NASCAR would not confirm the change Tuesday. NBC Sports has learned through industry sources that are not authorized to speak publicly about it that the move is expected to be made. Teams are expected to be notified soon and an official announcement made this week.

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NASCAR is planning to use next month's Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race as a test of the Xfinity Series aero package debuted last season at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Motorsport.com has learned.
The aero package used in the Xfinity Series last season included a restrictor-plate, but even more importantly, aero ducts on the front spoilers and a taller rear spoiler.

For the Xfinity Series package, the aero ducts - which move air out of the front wheel wells and create a larger wake - increased the draft envelope by approximately 25 percent, which generally allowed the trailing car to race closer to the leading car.

The restrictor-plates slowed the field down and helped prevent the leading car from running away from the field.

The package received generally positive reviews following last year's Xfinity race at Indy. The race produced an event record 16 lead changes across an event-record eight different drivers.

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