Tommy Williams Drywall to don Kahne's Camaro at Kansas

Another fresh new paint scheme for our No.95 as Kasey Kahne will pilot the Tommy Williams Drywall Camaro ZL1 this weekend at Kansas Speedway.

F.T. "Tommy" Williams, Jr. entered the construction industry in 1954 - it was at that time that he founded a plaster company doing projects throughout the state of Texas. As the commercial building industry evolved more heavily from plaster to drywall, it was at that time that Tommy Williams Drywall Co., Inc. was formed.

Since the early 1960's we have been providing a full line of commercial drywall services to clients across the state of Texas. In 1995 the business was sold to Tom Williams, who currently serves as President of the company. For more information about the company, visit www.tommywilliamsdrywall.com.

"I think to be successful at Kansas you have to be good in both corners of the track. Turn 4 is really tight on the exit compared to Turn 2 where it opens up a little bit more. Having your car work well through both of those spots and turn really well, while also being able to run the top lane as well, is important for Kansas. A lot of times there on the long run you do a lot of laps up along the wall and can carry just a lot of momentum and speed," Kahne said.

"The varied corners make Kansas a fun and tough track to really get right. I've just always enjoyed racing at Kansas before the repave and after the repave because you've always been able to move around on that track and the bottom is usually the preferred spot. Kansas throws a lot at you between the two different corners and the way the backstretch is that I've always liked the challenge of it."

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