StarCom Racing and Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support partner at Kansas

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Although "one in four pregnancies ends in loss" is a validated CDC statistic, many who have experienced a pregnancy loss do not reach out for help and suffer their tragic loss alone. StarCom Racing, with Landon Cassill at the helm of the 00 Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Camaro, partner at the Hollywood Casino 400 to raise awareness for this organization and those affected by this tragedy.

The loss of a child at any age is a traumatic event. Bereaved parents are at risk for depression, anxiety and PTSD. Parents never "get over" their loss but, with help and support, they can work through their grief in healthy ways and integrate their loss into their lives.

"As a father, I can't even imagine what a family goes through when they lose a child", said Landon Cassill 00 driver. "I'm honored to represent Share and the support system that Share provides to these families. Looking forward to working with them at Kansas Speedway."

Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, established in 1977 is a program of over 80 Chapters across the country providing help and grief support for these families through Support Groups, printed materials, online support, parent companions and memorial events. These approaches are tailored to the needs of each family and are designed to assure they are not alone in their grief. Share also provides education to professional caregivers across the country in the knowledge and skills needed to deliver compassionate grief support.

"We are so grateful of the support of Starcom Racing featuring Share in the Hollywood Casino 400 and hopeful many more families will learn of help and healing available for them in their grief and for hope and healing," comments, Debbie Cochrane, Executive Director of SHARE.

You can help support this important mission by visiting our website; www.nationalshare.org/nascar to make a donation. Thank you for helping assure no one will walk through this tragic loss alone!

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