NASCAR laying off some employees UPDATE

UPDATE 2: "A little less than 5 percent of our total workforce was laid off today across our entire company," a NASCAR official confirmed on condition of anonymity. "We're looking to take our remaining resources and focusing them on initiatives we already have in place that require dollars and that will help us grow."

Team Volusia in 2017 estimated that NASCAR had 280 employees locally [in Daytona].

The comments came on the heels of multiple national media reports, including by the Associated Press, ESPN and Yahoo, that NASCAR was issuing "dozens of pink slips" on Friday. Associated Press reporter Jenna Fryer tweeted on Friday afternoon that, "The word on the street is about 50 people let go, some are people in competition with well-known names that the fan recognizes."

--- Daytona Beach News-Journal ---

UPDATE: While the total number of employees laid off could not be determined, it represents less than 5% of the workforce. The layoffs are said to have hit several different departments in both competition and business operations.

Rumors of impending layoffs have been going around NASCAR ever since the $1.9B bid by NASCAR to acquire ISC was announced in November.

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Original post: 1-11-2019