Kendry Morales hires agent Scott Boras

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Kendry Morales has fired agents Alan and Randy Hendricks and signed with Scott Boras, the agent confirmed to ESPN The Magazine.

"Essentially, we had gotten a call from Kendry about a month ago and said he was interested in interviewing representation and he asked if we wanted to be one of the people he looked at," Boras said. "We had a meeting with Kendry and his wife and yesterday he informed us of his decision."

Last season, Morales -- who finished fifth in the American League MVP voting -- hit .306 with 34 home runs and 108 RBIs for the division-winning Angels.

Morales, who is scheduled to earn $700,000 this year as part of a six-year $4.5 million deal he signed with the Angels in 2005, will be arbitration eligible for the first time after the 2010 season. Boras said he would be open to discussing a long-term deal for Morales with the Angels.

"I think obviously we're certainly going to come to Kendry with any interest that [Angels GM] Tony [Reagins] or the Angels have in advancing the contractual relationship," Boras said.

Morales had been originally been lured to Hendricks Sports Management by agency employee Rodney Fernandez in 2008. Curiously it was Morales and Fernandez who had both helped lure celebrated Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman to Hendricks Sports Management from his original agent, Edwin Mejia of Athletes Premier International.

At the time of the switch in November, Randy Hendricks wrote to ESPN The Magazine in an e-mail that "Aroldis decided to change agents and reached out to Kendry Morales for a recommendation. His call was unexpected by everyone. Kendry expressed how pleased he was with HSM, and Aroldis decided to retain HSM and move forward with our representation."

As a result of the change in representation, Chapman's previous agent, API, sued Hendricks alleging they had illegally contacted Chapman. Fernandez is named in the suit, though he's not being sued. Morales is not named at all. That case, barring a settlement, is expected to be heard in Massachusetts federal court later this year.

Chapman signed a six-year $30.25 million contract with Cincinnati earlier this offseason. Boras said his agency was not representing Chapman.

"This was not about Chapman," Boras said.

The Hendricks did not respond to a request for comment.

Morales' decision on Friday to choose Boras came on the same day when ESPN.com's Jayson Stark reported that free agent infielder Felipe Lopez had fired Boras and hired the Beverly Hills Sports Council.

"It's very frustrating when a player with his talent wasn't offered a starting job by any of the 30 major league teams," Boras said of Lopez.

Boras said he was given reasons by teams why they didn't offer Lopez a starting job, but he declined to mention them. Boras said Lopez was unhappy with the reasons and it was then when he decided to fire him as an agent.

"Once I get the information, I'm going to confront the player," Boras said.

Boras said he wished Lopez well.

Jorge Arangure Jr. is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.