Scully talks about his fall

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Upon arriving at the team's spring training complex for the first time this year on Sunday, Los Angeles Dodgers broadcasting legend Vin Scully rolled up his sleeve to reveal a large bruise on the back of his upper right arm, then told the story of the fall he suffered at his home on Thursday evening that resulted in an overnight hospital stay.

The biggest bruise of all appeared to be to Scully's pride.

"I was embarrassed, and I am embarrassed because it was such a dumb thing to have happen,'' he said. "I am embarrassed over all the fuss and feathers. But somehow, I did it to myself, and I hope not to do it again.''

Scully, 82, said that just before the accident happened, he was resting in bed while suffering from a cold he believes he contracted while visiting the preschool classroom of one of his grandchildren several days ago.

"All of a sudden, I felt one of those big, bronchial coughs coming up, and I thought I could get to the bathroom,'' Scully said. "So I jumped out of bed -- bad idea -- I got dizzy, and then, trying to keep the cough in until I got to the bathroom, I did something to myself. I'll explain: I went from the bedroom toward the bathroom, and there was a marble floor, and all of a sudden, I blacked out.

"I woke up sitting in the floor, my wife calling 911 and blood on the floor.''

Scully had hit his head on the floor, as well as bruising his arm and slightly injuring his back. When he arrived at the hospital, he received staples in the back of his head.

"Instead of stitches, they put in five staples with a thing like a staple gun,'' he said. "I will never go by that office supply store without thinking of what happened. ... I won't mess around with a marble floor ever again. But I never thought I was in any [life-threatening] trouble at all.''

Scully was in the broadcast booth for Sunday's Cactus League game with Cleveland, the first game he has called this spring. He said he was under no restrictions following the accident.

"I'm supposed to cut back on dangling participles, and I'm not allowed to split any infinitives for at least another week,'' he said.

Tony Jackson covers the Dodgers for ESPNLosAngeles.com.