Kuo interviews players about Kuo

ANAHEIM -- Barely 24 hours after learning he had been added to the National League All-Star team, Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Hong-Chih Kuo took advantage of a lull in his media availability session -- basically, no one in the media had anything else to ask him -- to have a little fun with his three fellow Dodgers All-Stars.

Kuo, who speaks limited English and possesses a fairly dry personality, was handed a microphone by J.D. Preuss of the Dodgers' video-production staff. Preuss then followed with a camera as Kuo approached the table occupied by Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton and stuck the mic in Broxton's face.

"Do you know Kuo?" he asked.

"Yes, I know Kuo," Broxton replied.

"What do you think of him?"

"He's got a pretty good changeup."

Kuo then went to Rafael Furcal and asked what he thought of Kuo's changeup.

"You got more than a changeup," Furcal said, laughing.

Finally, Kuo, who hasn't given up a hit to a left-handed hitter this season, moved over to Andre Ethier, a left-handed hitter.

"How would you feel," Kuo asked, "if they brought in a left-hander just to pitch to you in the All-Star Game?"

"I can say if I were facing Hong-Chih Kuo, he would probably be afraid that I would get a hit off him, so he probably wouldn't want to throw a pitch anywhere near the plate."

Tony Jackson covers the Dodgers for ESPNLosAngeles.com.