Bud Selig, Joe Torre involved in talks

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig confirmed Thursday that he is actively involved in discussions with former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre about a position with the league office, a job that has been widely reported to be that of vice president of baseball operations.

Torre had said Wednesday, the first day of baseball's two-day, quarterly owners meetings, that he had been discussing a job with Selig, but Torre said he wasn't sure of the exact job or what his responsibilities would be. Torre also said he was fairly certain Selig also was talking to other candidates for the position.

"What Joe said is absolutely correct,'' Selig said. "I have known Joe for 55 years, and I know his whole family very well. He and I have always had a very cordial relationship. There is no final decision as to what we're going to do.''

Selig met Torre when Torre's older brother, Frank, first reached the major leagues with the Milwaukee Braves in 1956. At the time, Selig was working for his father, who ran an automobile leasing company in Milwaukee and did business with several Braves players.

Torre, who grew up in Brooklyn, moved his family to Los Angeles when he took over three years ago as manager of the Dodgers, and he seemed to hint to media members Wednesday that he would like to stay there even if he goes to work for the commissioner. But at least one source in the league office said earlier this week that the position of VP of operations probably can't be done from outside the office.

Selig declined to address the subject of whether Torre would be allowed to continue living on the West Coast if he is hired.

"We haven't gotten into detail on what he would do,'' Selig said.

Torre, who is a member of Selig's 14-man competition committee, said Wednesday he hoped to discuss the job further with Selig during these owners meetings, "if he has time.'' It wasn't clear by Thursday whether the two planned to meet about the job, but Selig spent most of the two-day event going from meeting to meeting and was quickly ushered off to another meeting after the competition-committee meeting adjourned.

Tony Jackson covers the Dodgers for ESPNLosAngeles.com.