Other than LA, retirement for Haren?

LOS ANGELES -- Pitcher Dan Haren said Wednesday that he likely would walk away from baseball -- and leave $10 million in pretax income on the table -- if the Los Angeles Dodgers trade him to a team other than one of his former clubs, the Angels.

Haren's 2015 option with the Dodgers kicked in when he reached the 180-innings mark in September.

"My signing with the Dodgers last year and my decision to exercise my player option were based on my desire to play in Southern California near my family," Haren told ESPN in an email. "I had other opportunities, but at this point in my career, I have no interest in playing in a city away from my family."

Haren's name surfaced in trade discussions recently, according to a CBSSports.com report.

Haren made little secret of how difficult it was to be away from his family during the 2013 season, when he pitched for the Washington Nationals. A native of West Covina, California, and a product of Pepperdine, Haren and his family now live in Orange County.

Haren, 34, went 13-11 with a 4.02 ERA and, after a midseason slump, proved to be a reliable No. 4 starter as the Dodgers were sewing up their second straight NL West title, so it's unclear why the Dodgers would look to move him unless, contrary to what they're saying publicly, they simply want to dump salaries. The Dodgers have no obvious replacements who would come from the minor leagues and, if anything, it was assumed they were looking to add a starting pitcher in free agency.

Haren does not have a no-trade clause, but then again, judging from what he's saying, compelling him to pitch somewhere he doesn't want to be would be a tall order.