Torii Hunter back for homestand?

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Torii Hunter is expected to rejoin the Los Angeles Angels at some point next week after they return from their current trip.

Manager Mike Scioscia said Wednesday he still wasn't sure when during the homestand that might be.

"It looks like in talking with Torii probably when we get home," Scioscia said. "We'll continue to be in touch with him and see what his situation is."

The right fielder has been on the Angels' restricted list since May 14 after Hunter's teenage son was arrested in Texas. Hunter missed his 10th straight game Wednesday in the series finale against the Athletics. Darius McClinton-Hunter, 17, is one of five youths arrested in a sexual assault case, which police said followed a month-long investigation.

The teen's attorney, Todd Shapiro, said last week that a recording was made of a conversation between the girl and a teenage friend of the Hunter family. On the call, she backs away from the story that led police in the Dallas suburb of Prosper to arrest McClinton-Hunter, the attorney said. Hunter attended a news conference with his son and Shapiro last Thursday.

Scioscia initially thought Hunter would be back during this swing at AL West rivals Oakland and Seattle, where Los Angeles begins a four-game weekend series on Thursday night.

"It's still open-ended," Scioscia said. "We talked last week and thought he was going to be with us on this road trip."

Hunter has been working out, running and hitting in the batting cage he has at his house in the Dallas area, so Scioscia believes Hunter will be able to work back quickly.

"I don't think he's going to come in and be grossly out of shape from where he was," Scioscia said.

Hunter might need a couple of days doing baseball work with the team before he returns to the starting lineup, Scioscia said. The Angels hope Hunter gets back to Anaheim early in the week.

"I think Torii's always up. He's dealing with an issue; that's kind of where we want to leave it," Scioscia said. "No doubt he wants to get back playing baseball, because that's what he's all about. But he has to be comfortable with his situation and work through some things."