Reports: Hospital seeks damages

The Los Angeles Dodgers are being asked for a $1.2 million reimbursement by San Francisco General Hospital for extensive brain trauma care given to Bryan Stow, according to reports.

The $1.2 million sum totals the medical bills not covered by Stow's personal medical insurance.

Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, was brutally beaten by two Dodgers fans outside Dodger Stadium following the 2011 season opener between the two teams.

The Santa Cruz paramedic and father of two sustained serious brain injuries and spent months at a Los Angeles hospital in a medically induced coma. He was later transferred to the San Francisco hospital, where he spent five months. Stow eventually was moved to a rehabilitation center.

San Francisco General Hospital is seeking the money from former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, according to reports. He is accused of allowing security around Dodger Stadium to falter, allowing the beating to happen.

Authorities have charged two men in the beating. Both have pleaded not guilty.