Report: Dunleavy, Clips in arbitration

Mike Dunleavy was surprised that he was fired and now is stunned that the Los Angeles Clippers are not paying the remainder of his salary.

The former coach and general manager's lawyer, Miles Clements, said that the team initially said they would discuss a settlement but has not gotten back to him or continued to pay what Dunleavy is owed, the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday.

A source close to the situation confirmed to ESPNLosAngeles.com's Ramona Shelburne that he has not been paid since being fired. The source also revealed that Dunleavy is owed nearly $12 million, which includes $6.75 million remaining on his current deal and deferred money from the entire time he had been with the Clippers.

"Mike went to lunch one day and they [the Clippers] told the media they had totally severed all ties with him," Clements said, according to the Times. "He learned about it from family and friends e-mailing him to ask what happened."

The Clippers said they are still working to resolve the issue.

"We are in the process of mutually attempting to resolve any outstanding issues with Mr. Dunleavy," Clippers attorney Robert Platt told ESPNLosAngeles.com. "We're hopeful that we can reach a resolution in the near future."

Dunleavy has taken the matter to binding arbitration, recourse afforded him in his contract, Clements told the Times.