Reggie Miller's niece found

Reggie Miller's teenage niece is back home, hours after the former NBA great and TV analyst asked the public for help looking for her when she went missing from her Southern California home.

The former Pacers star thanked those who helped find 16-year-old Nikki Miller after her disappearance sparked a police search in Yorba Linda.

Nikki Miller's bedroom was found empty at 7:17 a.m. local time and her relatives alerted authorities after they realized the teenager was missing. Officers immediately dispatched to the scene found no evidence that led them to conclude she was taken from the house against her will, Roche said.

Police told ABC News that Miller might have been picked up by a car a block away from her home.

"There was absolutely no evidence or any signs or evidence to lead us to believe this was anything other than a teenage runaway," Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. John Roche said.

Miller had earlier tweeted out a flyer with a photo of his niece to his 600,000 followers, asking people to contact police with any information. According to ABC News, police even used tracking dogs to look for her.

"There are some indicators that lead us to believe she had actually set up her room in a manner that would fool someone to believe she was still there," Roche said.

ABC News contributed to this report.