Byron Scott: 'Frustration boiled over' in foxhole comment

LOS ANGELES -- A day after Byron Scott said he knew which of his players he "wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with," the Lakers coach clarified his comments, saying they came out of frustration from recent losses.

Scott specifically referenced his team's 30-point loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday and the Lakers' 28-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday.

"After the last two games ... I was probably as frustrated as anybody, because all season long, our guys have put in a hell of an effort, no matter if we've been outmanned or whatever the case may be," Scott said before the Lakers faced the Clippers again Tuesday at Staples Center.

"I thought the last two games, we didn't come close. So that frustration boiled over. At that particular time, there wasn't a lot of guys that I would want to be in the foxhole with. I want guys that I know I can go to battle with. That's the bottom line no matter how the season is going."

Scott has been critical of his players throughout an abysmal campaign. The Lakers now are 20-57 after their 105-100 loss Tuesday night, upping their record for the most losses in franchise history.

Scott hasn't let up, even though the Lakers have been considerably overmatched, especially against fellow Western Conference opponents.

One player Scott has especially criticized is reserve guard Nick Young, whose colorful personality hasn't exactly meshed with Scott's old-school demeanor.

Scott recently said Young "has to grow as a basketball player if he wants to continue to play in this league for a long time." Scott also pointed out several of Young's weaknesses that he needs to improve this offseason, such as defense.

"My comments are very simple, and I talk to all my players after the season about what they need to do to get better as a basketball player," Scott said. "What I said to [the media] about what Nick needs to do, I said that to him in Phoenix. It's nothing new. It's called coaching. Simple as that."

Is Young coachable?

"We'll find out," Scott said with a grin.

Scott pointed out that Young has been injured for much of the season, playing just 42 games. However, Scott did reiterate what Young needs to do moving forward.

"This summer is going to be big for him, as far as working on those things -- and a lot of those things don't concern having the ball in your hands," Scott said.

Is Young, who has three years left on his deal with the Lakers, capable of making those changes, considering this was his eighth NBA season?

"We'll find out," Scott said with the same grin.

For as critical as Scott has been of his players, he said they've responded well.

"I'm not that difficult, to be honest with you," Scott said. "It's pretty simple. If you do those things, you play; if you don't, you don't."

He was not as frustrated after the Lakers kept it close in Tuesday night's rematch.

"I don't think anyone had a great game but our effort was greatly improved," he said.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.