Reggie Evans: 'We got punked'

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. -- Los Angeles Clippers forward Reggie Evans said the Clippers got "punked" by the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 2 of their first-round series and need to respond in Game 3 in Los Angeles.

"We got punked around," Evans said. "It is what it is. They did a good job of being physical. It showed. The tape don't lie. We just learn from it. It's a great thing that we have a seven-game series ... We were pushed around and that goes for all of us."

The Grizzlies hit 31 of 39 free throws in Game 2 while the Clippers connected on just 13 of 18. The disparity at the free throw line was compounded by the Grizzlies also grabbing 16 offensive rebounds to the Clippers' four and holding a 20 to 6 edge in fast-break points.

"You could say I got punked around a couple of times," Evans said. "They got 16 offensive rebounds, so what is that a sign of? We got pushed around, punked around, that's what it's a sign of. We just have to bounce back. They did what they're supposed to do and we did what we're supposed to do. We went there and stole one and they came back and hit us back."

The Clippers emphasized being more physical in Game 3.

"The film doesn't lie and we had a long flight back, too," Clippers guard Chris Paul said. "We talked and we spent a lot of time together so it's no secret what we need to do ... We have to get more physical, and we have to figure out a way to get to the free throw line more and cut down on their (free throw attempts). We came out aggressive but I don't think we sustained it for 48 minutes and so hopefully we can do that at home. You have to do whatever we have to do to win."

One of the players getting hit the hardest in this series, not surprisingly, has been Clippers forward Blake Griffin, who primarily has been guarded by Zach Randolph with Marc Gasol and Marreese Speights helping out at times.

"It's a fine line. It's just about being more aggressive and taking it to them first and not having to try and pick it up halfway through the game," Griffin said. "You want to be the team that attacks first ... They're physical and they've stepped it up another notch in the playoffs. Sometimes it's tough to differentiate between that line of being extra physical and getting called for fouls so we have to find that line and take it to them."

Evans, who probably is the most aggressive player on the Clippers, has been talking to Griffin and DeAndre Jordan about being more aggressive in the paint during the playoffs and expects both to be the aggressors on Saturday after what happened to them on Wednesday.

"It's a mindset," Evans said. "It's like a little kid getting bullied all the time, eventually the kid's either going to run or bite back. I could tell they had it out for me and were trying to be more physical against me in the second game. It was kind of funny but it is what it is."