Steve Nash still limited

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash said Friday that he hasn't been able to jog yet or do any on-court work without feeling pain his fractured left leg and doubted that he'd be ready to play when the Lakers return home to play Indiana on Tuesday.

Nash had already been ruled out of the Lakers road games in Memphis on Friday night and Dallas on Saturday.

"I can't jog yet so ... I don't think so," Nash said when asked if he thought there was a chance he could play Tuesday, after being re-evaluated by the Lakers team doctors on Monday.

Nash said that his leg, which was injured in a freak play when he banged knees with Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard on Oct. 31, has been "progressing a little bit" recently. But he said that it's still painful and the nerve pain he's been feeling is a bit concerning.

"Hopefully it's something that resolves soon," Nash said. "Nobody really knows because it's not like tissue or bone. It's painful. It's under control right now, but it's still very sensitive so it can flare up. We just need to let the nerves settle down."

Nash had tried to do some stationary on-court drills about a week ago, but he experienced some pain afterward and the Lakers decided to cut back on that type of work.

"It kind of flared up so we kind of cut back on that," he said. "It wasn't anything bad, it was more that I just realized I'm not really ready for that."

Right now, Nash is just doing conditioning work on the elliptical machine and lifting weights. He isn't cleared to shoot or jog.

The longer he is out, the longer it seems it will take the Lakers to learn new coach Mike D'Antoni's system. D'Antoni, meanwhile, also said it was "possible" that backup Steve Blake could play on Tuesday, but only if Blake is able to go through a full practice after being re-evaluated by the Lakers doctors on Monday.

"Nash can do everything," D'Antoni said. "He doesn't need an offense. He just needs the ball."

D'Antoni was more optimistic about Nash's chances of playing Tuesday, but he admitted that "I'm saying it's possible because I like to believe it."

With Nash and Blake out, the Lakers have had to rely on second-year man Darius Morris and veteran Chris Duhon. Kobe Bryant has assumed many of the playmaking duties as well.

"It's difficult for me to be myself and not be playing," Nash said. "You're not healthy, you can't work, you can't add energy. You can't do anything. I'm watching and trying to take it in, but I'm also trying to fight my own mentality in getting my body ready.

"I feel like I can help. I know what he wants and what he's trying to do. I can help with situations and details that maybe could help them."

The extended absence is particularly difficult given the Lakers' short window to win a championship with this current group.

"It's hard. I have my moments where I get down," Nash said. "I haven't been out this long in 10 years. It's hard. It's frustrating. I worked really hard this summer and through training camp this year. I was just starting to come into myself. Now how long is that going to get that back when I'm healthy. It all plays in your mind and makes you really eager."