Pete Carroll: Players still know who won

Pete Carroll, in the wake of the BCS stripping USC of the 2004-05 national championship, still chooses to remember the players and results on the field.

"Just watch the comments of the players," Carroll said in an interview with Mark Willard of 710 ESPN. "They know who won, who didn't. [Matt] Leinart and Lofa Tatupu and those guys, they all know. The whole thing is so unfortunate."

In a decision handed down on Monday, the BCS officially stripped USC of its 2004 championship, the result of major infractions involving then star running back Reggie Bush. The BCS title has been vacated for that season. The AP, which also awards a national championship, previously said USC would retain its 2004 title.

Carroll, who left USC to become the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 11, 2010, expressed frustration over the fact that current Trojans players have been heavily impacted by the NCAA's sanctions.

"[The NCAA has] to do what they do. They figure out how the thing is supposed to work," Carroll said in the interview. "I don't agree with much of any of it. It's unfortunate that kids, years and years after, are punished for what the NCAA is dealing with from years and years before. That's the most unfortunate thing ... kids that were in junior high at the time, or in grade school, are paying the price for it."

Has the Seahawks coach been paying attention to the scandal at Ohio State? And are there any similarities to the USC situation?

"I think this is a major challenge for the NCAA," Carroll said. "Because of what they have done in the past here recently. I don't know how they're going to possibly make sense out of all this. It's going to be very challenging."

Carroll was the coach at USC from 2001-09 and was 83-19 in those nine seasons. Fourteen of those victories have been vacated by the NCAA. In his first season as the Seahawks coach, his team went 7-9 and won the NFC West and a wild card game before being knocked out of the playoffs in a divisional round game by the Chicago Bears.