Lane Kiffin calls out USC defense

LOS ANGELES -- USC (No. 19 BCS, No. 21 AP) didn't do any one thing wrong on defense on Saturday in giving up a school-record 62 points to the Oregon Ducks, according to Trojans coach Lane Kiffin.

Rather, the Trojans did "everything" wrong, their coach said Tuesday. Asked if it was a scheme issue or execution problem that led to their struggles, Kiffin said it wasn't exclusively either.

"I think if we were to single either one of those out and say it was scheme or execution, I think we'd be wrong because if you give up those kind of numbers, it has to be everything," Kiffin said.

"You can't give up that amount of points and that amount of yards without it being everything overall. And so it was a combination of every aspect of defense you could think of for it to get to the level that it was at."

The Ducks scored touchdowns on nine of their 13 drives on Saturday. One of the four failed drives ended in a missed field goal, one ended in a turnover, one ended in a punt and one ended at halftime.

As a team, the Ducks had 730 yards of offense on the Trojans, obliterating the school record for opponent yards (623) set by Notre Dame in 1946. On his own, Oregon running back Kenjon Barner gained 347 yards from scrimmage and five touchdowns against USC.

By comparison, the Trojans' dominant 2008 defense held a team under 107 total yards in a game and allowed only one regular-season opponent to gain more than Barner's 347 yards.

Monte Kiffin, the assistant coach in charge of the defense, said after the game that the Trojans' entire scheme was in need of re-evaluation. Lane Kiffin, his son, agreed on Tuesday.

"We have to look at ourselves always," he said. "You can't fault your players when your numbers are like that."

USC faces Arizona State's 22nd-ranked offense on Saturday at the Coliseum. The Sun Devils have scored 37 points per game this season.

Pedro Moura is a contributor to ESPNLosAngeles.com.