Jackson: Artest asked out twice

Among the subplots in Sunday's 95-77 win for the Los Angeles Lakers over the Milwaukee Bucks was the reasonably quiet and very abbreviated performance of Ron Artest, who played tonight in his fourth game since missing five with a concussion.

After only 19 minutes, 23 seconds of playing time, there was some concern about Artest after he collided with Michael Redd in the first quarter.

The incident caused Artest to ask for a rest, and his health was a topic of conversation after the final buzzer.

"[Sunday] was kind of an interesting night," Lakers coach Phil Jackson. "[Artest] had banged his head and I think it affected his game, when he went down with Redd early in the ballgame, no doubt ... He asked out -- he asked out of the ballgame twice over the course of that first and third quarter, so I put Adam [Morrison] in early, and gave him a little time to recover."

Jackson said Sunday's events could lead to Artest being re-evaluated.

"We'll discuss that," Jackson said. "We'll talk about it with our staff a little bit. Most of it's about the inner ear and balance, you know, what's going on. I think that he may have felt a little dizziness or something afterward. He said he was OK, but then when he asked out of the third quarter, he mentioned that if this was a blowout, he'd just as soon not go back into the ballgame."

In the locker room after the game, Artest said he felt OK and that he didn't hit his head.

"When I fell, it was the first time I'd fallen [since the injury], so I was a little nervous," he said. "I'm glad we blew them out, though."

Asked if he still felt any effects of the concussion, Artest said "No, I'm feeling beyond that."

Brian Kamenetzky is a Lakers blogger for ESPNLosAngeles.com.