Tweets keep Seahawks' fans guessing

SEATTLE -- It started as a simple idea from his assistant to get the fans guessing whom the Seattle Seahawks will draft Thursday.

The song title part was Pete Carroll's idea. "We're gonna tweet songs about our picks," he posted on Twitter. "Try to figure them out."

Within minutes, the Twitter world was blowing up.

The first song clue Carroll tweeted was by Santana, "Soul Sacrifice."

People started tweeting like crazy, scrambling to look up lyrics, desperate to figure out the puzzle of who it could be. Did it mean Myron Rolle, who nixed the draft a year ago to be a Rhodes scholar and now is trying for a comeback? Maybe Iowa offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga, who suffered through a thyroid infection to resurface as a probable top pick.

Others tweeted: "with the song soul sacrifice, makes me think that you are looking for a trade partner for the 6th pick."

"I'm guessing the songs aren't in order of draft order. ... Carlos Dunlap from the Carlos Santana song?"

The flurry continued when the second song was tweeted: "Let The Beat Build," by Lil Wayne.

"One of them better be a Boy Named Suh!!" one person tweeted about Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

More Pete tweets followed, as did the fan responses.

• "Superman's Song" by Crash Test Dummies: "Tebow?" "Dwight Howard, right?"

• "Today Was A Fairytale" by Taylor Swift: "That means Taylor Mays and the fairytale is playing in his hometown." (USC safety Taylor Mays is from Seattle, is in Seattle to be with his parents for the draft and is a Carroll favorite.)

• "California Love" by Tupac: "Jahvid Best, Toby Gerhart!" (Cal and Stanford running backs, respectively.) "Jimmy Clausen." (Notre Dame's quarterback, whom Carroll recruited.)

• "Jump Around" by House of Pain: "You didn't say what round, but the jump reference sounds like Eric Berry. Top broad and vert jump at combine." (Tennessee safety Eric Berry, who if taken likely ends the Seahawks' interest in Mays.)

• "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam: "Someone Jeremy Bates wants. I'm guessing Damian Williams." (Williams, a former USC wide receiver coached by Bates, former USC offensive coordinator.)

As the day went on, there was mass speculation in the tweet world.

"Are the clues in any particular order?"

"Pete you are smart but guessing these damn clues are killing me!"

Then came another Pete tweet:

• "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd: One response: "The Seahawks are either going to pick a strong outside linebacker -- or an aging 1970s rock star."

And then this from Pete:

• "Don't forget the Davinci Code, too. There may be clues from inside the museum."

Followed by another response:

"I think Pete Carroll has found the ultimate draft smoke screen ... songs on Twitter."

Carroll admitted as much when we sat down for a Wednesday afternoon pre-draft interview.

"Just random songs from guys on the coaching staff," he said. "We need everyone's help in figuring out who to draft."

Then came the Pete punch line, via a Tweet of course:

• "In their ability to solve the mystery, they're masking the #seahawksdraftclues as a joke ... but the joke may be on them."

Shelley Smith is a correspondent for ESPN based in Los Angeles.