Tim Tebow working on throwing motion

LOS ANGELES -- Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been in Los Angeles working on his throwing mechanics with new UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone.

Mazzone and his son, Taylor, have been working out with Tebow twice a day for a couple of hours at a time since last weekend, Noel Mazzone said Wednesday, hoping to improve upon Tebow's heavily-scrutinized passing ability.

"He just came out here to throw and work on a few things and see if we can just become a little more efficient in what he's doing," Noel Mazzone said, noting that the sessions will last through the weekend and maybe longer. "Throwing motion, footwork, everything I work on with all my quarterbacks."

Tebow started 11 games for the Broncos in 2011 and won seven of his first eight starts, leading Denver to the AFC West title and a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, Tebow completed just 46.5 percent of his passes in the regular season and only 40.4 percent in the Broncos' two playoff games.

"It's kind of like a golfer who hit that bad drive," Mazzone said of working on Tebow's unorthodox throwing motion. "Every other guy in the foursome can tell you what you did wrong and all three opinions are different. We're just going out and kind of going back to the basics and working on some fundamentals to try and become a little more efficient."

The Mazzones previously worked with Tebow when the Heisman Trophy winner was coming out of Florida and helped him become a first-round pick in 2010. They also worked with him last offseason.

NFL teams are limited in the amount of practice time they are allowed with players during the offseason, but there is nothing preventing players from working with non-affiliated coaches. Mazzone said the Broncos are aware that he is working with Tebow and that he regularly communicates with Broncos quarterbacks coach Adam Gase.

"Obviously I wouldn't do anything that would go against what their beliefs are," Mazzone said. "I know after coaching quarterbacks for a long time, they're like girlfriends. You don't like other guys messing with them."

Noel Mazzone, who was Philip Rivers' offensive coordinator at North Carolina State, said the San Diego Chargers quarterback and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder are expected to join the workouts later in the week.

Mazzone said he is also working with former Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler as Osweiler prepares for April's draft.

"Philip is right down the road and he's always itching to throw a football," said Mazzone, who was Osweiler's offensive coordinator the last two seasons at Arizona State. "He might shoot up and throw the ball around a little bit. That would be a good guy for both Brock and Tim to be around also."

Peter Yoon covers UCLA for ESPNLosAngeles.com.