Jonathan Bernier waiting on go-ahead

Jonathan Bernier is apparently free to go Hollywood again, though he's still waiting for the official thumbs up.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is no longer seeking a licensing fee from the Kings goalie in exchange for wearing an illustration of the iconic hillside sign on his mask, confirmed a lawyer who represents the trust that licenses the Hollywood sign.

Christine Sovich of Global Icons, the agency that represents the Hollywood sign's trust, told Mayorsmanor.com, which broke the original story, that it was all a misunderstanding.

"The Chamber has no objection to the use of it in that nature," Sovich said of Bernier's mask, which he uses to honor the Southern California movie industry. "We apologize for the inconvenience of the original letter. The Chamber has no objection to the use. He can continue to use it that way."

Sovich said she planned to send the Kings a letter giving Bernier permission to use the Hollywood symbol, though a club spokesman said Thursday afternoon the letter had not been received and Bernier will continue to cover up the sign with strip of tape featuring the Kings logo.

The Kings host the St. Louis Blues Thursday night.

The issue began when a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce representative saw a photo of Bernier's mask in the newspaper, and registered a complaint, according to the Kings' website. The organization, which owns certain trademark rights for the sign's image, asked the Kings to have the image taped over, and also removed, or Bernier would have to pay royalties.

Bernier covered the sign during Tuesday's game against the San Jose Sharks.

Bernier, who has appeared in just 15 of 73 games this season, with 12 starts, has worn the mask the past two seasons. In addition to the Hollywood sign, the mask features a film reel, palm trees and a lion's head that is similar to the MGM logo.

Dan Arritt covers the Kings for ESPNLosAngeles.com.