Ryane Clowe makes bizarre move

LOS ANGELES -- In a game that featured just about everything, Sharks forward Ryane Clowe made a move no one had seen before.

Clowe was on the bench with about two minutes remaining in a tied game Thursday night when he stuck out his stick and nicked the puck away from Kings forward Jarret Stoll, disrupting a potential 3-on-2.

Although nearly everyone inside Staples Center seemed to witness the move, none of the officials saw what happened, and the game ventured into overtime and then a shootout. The Sharks ultimately prevailed 6-5 to stay in the hunt for the Pacific Division title.

"He definitely got the puck," Stoll said. "Who knows what would happen on the play, but nobody's ever seen anything like that."

As he sat in his locker stall following the game, Clowe claimed ignorance.

"I have no idea what you guys are talking about," he said. "I'll have to see the video or something; you'll have to show me on video."

Good chance the league will be reviewing the video as well.

Kings coach Darryl Sutter was in a surprisingly light mood afterward, possibly because his team had clinched a playoff berth earlier in the night when Dallas lost in Nashville. He said the play definitely should have warranted a penalty and was surprised the officials did not witness what occurred.

"I don't even know what that call is," he said. "Is it unsportsmanlike or too many men? It's got to be something."

Kings captain Dustin Brown reiterated similar disbelief that the deed went unpenalized by the officials.

"I'm not sure how all four of them missed it," he said. "I thought it was pretty evident, but when you're in the game, sometimes you aren't going to see everything. It is what it is; we can't sit there and dwell on it."

Drew Doughty had no doubt what he witnessed, as he was trailing Stoll on the play.

"I was right behind Stolly when the guy reached on the ice and touched the puck," he said. "There's no doubt he did. It's unfortunate that the refs missed it."

And like the others in the locker room, it was a first for Doughty. Not just as a player, but any game he has witnessed.

"It was shocking, to be honest," he said.

The teams will meet again for their regular-season finale Saturday in San Jose. The winner of that game could end up as the Pacific Division champion.