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Okay, I'll admit it. I stole this idea from Mel, but his list is only 30 deep. I'm ranking the Top 100 college players (not the top pro prospects). I'm also projecting how I think players will perform this season. I've limited it to D1-A, which is why there is no Adrian Peterson, no RB from the Dakotas and no skill guy from the SWAC.

1. Julius Peppers, UNC, DE
Makes OTs look like they belong at Duke.
2. Bryant McKinnie, Miami, OT
Prototype NFL LT still hasn't given up a sack.
3. John Henderson, Tenn., DT
Outland winner is a terror in the middle or on the outside.
4. Eric Crouch, Nebraska, QB
Great option QB. Can't throw, but neither could Tommie Frazier and look what he did for NU.
5. Pig Prather, Miss. State, S
The orneriest pig since Napoleon on Animal Farm.
6. Quentin Jammer, Texas CB
Great size, hips and competitiveness.
7. Antonio Bryant, Pittsburgh, WR
Think he's trouble for Walt Harris? Try covering him.
8. Jason Thomas, UNLV, QB
This is the supersized guy who should've been The Magazine's Next Big Thing (my bad).
9. Ed Reed, Miami, S
Not just a top athlete, he also might be the nation's smartest football player.
10. Rocky Calmus, Oklahoma, LB
Heart and soul of the Sooners D is good at everything.

11. Toniu Funoti, Nebraska, OG
Awesome power, could be Huskers best linemen ever. Seriously.
12. T.J. Duckett, Mich. State, RB
Could dominate on both sides of the ball -- and might someday.
13. Darnell Dockett, FSU, DT
Bulked up by 25 pounds, nastier than ever.
14. Larry Tripplett, Washington, DT
Tough guy who shows up big in big games.
15. Mike Pearson, Florida, OT
Excellent pass protector, improving as a run blocker.
16: Brett Williams, FSU, OT
The best and most polished of a great FSU O-line.
17. Kelly Campbell, Ga. Tech, WR
Explosive speed, also lethal on backend of Tech option.
18. Marcus Houston, Colorado, TB
If he's 100%, he's your Heisman darkhorse.
19. Alex Brown, Florida DE
Big Game Alex needs to become Every Game Alex.
20. Cedric Cobbs, Arkansas, RB
Two years ago, The Magazine called him Next. How 'bout Now?

21. Lito Sheppard, Florida, CB
Prime Time finally comes to Gainesville.
22. Jabar Gaffney, Florida, WR
He's Antonio Bryant with more support.
23. Antwaan Randle El, Indiana, ?
So multitalented, he might even be able to save Cameron's job.
24. Kalimba Edwards, So. Carolina, LB
Like John Abraham. Only bigger. And on a better team.
25. Chris Simms, Texas, QB
Great arm and presence. Ready to lead young Horns to Big 12 crown.
26. Maurice Morris, Oregon, TB
The best RB in Oregon this season.
27. Jamar Martin, Ohio State, FB
Even scares the Buckeyes linebackers!
28. Woodrow Dantzler, Clemson, QB
RB skills and a strong arm in the ideal system.
29. Ken Simonton, Oregon State, RB
Not fast or big, just very tough and elusive.
30. Roy Williams, Texas, WR
Think Randy Moss without the rap sheet.

31. Wendell Bryant, Wisconsin, DT
More than just a run-stuffer, Bryant also has the quicks to pressure QBs too.
32. Dwight Freeney, Syracuse, DE
Should lead the Big East in sacks. Not that anyone will notice.
33. Bradie James, LSU, LB
Will double his sack total (5) from 2000.
34. Dorsett Davis, Miss. State, DT
Just how does Jackie get all these talented JC guys anyhow?
35. Chris Hope, FSU, S
Not as fast as the Noles previous standout safeties, but he is a lot smarter.
36: Rashad Bauman, Oregon, CB
Only 5'8" -- he'd be top 10 if he were two inches taller.
37: Ron Johnson, Minn., WR
Will upset two teams almost singlehandedly.
38: DeShaun Foster, UCLA, TB
Slicker than Steve Lavin.
39. Andre Davis, Va. Tech, WR
Nation's top longball threat now has no one to throw it to him.
40. Damien Anderson, Northwestern, RB
Smooth and tough. He'll be a better pro than Darnell Autry.

41. Trev Faulk, LB, LSU
The run-stuffer of LSU's 1-2 LB punch.
42. Mike Williams, Texas, OT
Just biscuits lighter than Leonard Davis. He's almost as agile too.
43. Dennis Weathersby, Oregon State, CB
Big, physical and cocky. Should be a first-rounder.
44. Lee Suggs, Va. Tech, RB
Scored 300 rushing TDs last year (seemed like it, anyway) and was still underrated.
45. Keyou Craver, Nebraska, CB
Good cover guy who also will hit.
46. Ken Dorsey, Miami, QB
Smart and poised, his 25-5 TD-INT ratio says it all.
47. Terrence Metcalf, Ole Miss, OT
Quick feet and big heart. He is Eli's insurance policy.
48. Kareem Kelly, USC, WR: Norm Chow will help him as much as he will Carson.
49. Phillip Buchanon, Miami, CB
Lock-down corner, even better than more-hyped CB Mike Rumph.
50. Dave Ragone, Louisville, QB
Huge, mobile lefty who could QB a top-15 team.

51. Kendall Simmons, Auburn, OT
Smart, mature -- will be in NFL in 2002.
52. Levar Fisher, NC State, LB
Tackle machine still needs a little more discipline.
53. Dontae Stallworth, Tenn., WR
Potentially, best WR in the SEC. Now must prove it.
54. Kurt Kittner, Illinois, QB
Not flashy. Just heady and tough and in a great system.
55. Deonce Whitaker, SJSU, RB
Closest thing to Barry Sanders going these days.
56. Coy Wire, Stanford, LB
Undersized relentless guy took off after switching from RB.
57. Brandon Lloyd, Illinois, WR
Smooth 6'2" wideout is back after a year out to jumpstart Illini.
58. Will Overstreet, Tenn., DE
Dan Morgan's grit, plus a thick Southern drawl.
59. Andre Davis, Florida LB
Hits like a truck and fills the void in the middle of the Gators D.
60. Mike Doss, Ohio State, S
Hardest hitter in the Big Ten (not including Buckeyes FB Martin, of course)

61. Saleem Rasheed, LB, Alabama
Ready to return to '99 form.
62. William Green, Boston College, RB
Speed-and-power guy behind a terrific line.
63. Terry Pierce, K-State, LB
Don't be shocked if he, not Rocky, is the Big 12's best LB.
64. Chester Taylor, Toledo, RB
The MAC's best player since Randy Moss.
65. Antoine Womack, Virginia, RB
Better guy than rep indicates -- and much better runner.
66. Roy Williams, Oklahoma, S
Second-best Roy Williams in Big 12, behind the Texan and ahead of the KU dude.
67. Jashon Sykes, Colorado, LB
Underachieved in 2000, supposed to be ready to lead now.
68. Larry Foote, Michigan, LB
Plugger who came on strong late last season.
69. Boss Bailey, Georgia, LB
The next stud from the Bailey family.
70. Greg Gathers, Ga. Tech, DE
Short scrapper is a natural pass rusher and a safe bet for 12 sacks.

71. Eddie Strong, Ole Miss, LB
Out all of 2000. Move to middle should give him Butkus buzz.
72. Keenan Howrey, Oregon, WR
Typical Duck smurf wideout with the quicks to always break free.
73. Seth McKinney, Texas A&M, C
The toughest guy named Seth you'll ever see.
74. Dan Klecko, Temple, DT
Great motor guy -- also best technician in the college game.
75. Lance Briggs, Arizona, LB
Living, snarling proof that the Pac-10 isn't soft.
76. Terrence Edwards, Georgia, WR
Once a QB emerges, he will shine. Or else he'll just do the throwing.
77. Anthony Weaver, Notre Dame, DL
Vastly underrated. Solid player on a solid defense.
78. Willie McGahee, Miami, RB
Canes say he might be better than Edgerrin.
79. Josh Reed, LSU, WR
Former TB was SEC's top surprise in 2000 and will be even better with more reps.
80. Carson Palmer, USC, QB
Finally, he will break through. I think.

81. Korey Banks, Miss. State, CB
Smoot's gone. He's supposed to be as good.
82. George Godsey, Ga. Tech, QB
Great competitor, but will miss Friedgen.
82. B.J. Johnson, Texas, WR
Burner, too good to stay in Roy's long shadow.
83. Kenyon Coleman, UCLA, DE
About time his production matches up to his potential.
84. Joey Harrington, Oregon, QB
Not flashy, just very good at everything.
85. Marquise Walker, Michigan, WR
Overshadowed by Terrell, he is the Wolverines' real go-to-guy.
86. Phillip Rivers, N.C. State, QB
Will miss Koren Robinson and Chow, but still too good to forget.
87. Freddie Milons, Alabama, WR
In best shape of his life, Milons should come back big in 2001.
88. Todd Johnson, Florida, S
Great in run support. Not bad against the pass either.
89. Joaquin Gonzalez, Miami, OT
Smart technician but overshadowed by McKinnie.
90. Mario Haggan, Miss. State, LB
Thick and strong, great run-tuffer.

91. Sheldon Brown, So. Carolina, CB
Solid cover corner who doesn't get enough pub,
92. Jerremy Stevens, Washington, TE
Neuheisel's most dangerous weapon, a mismatch for everyone.
93. Anton Paige, Texas Tech, WR
Speedy 6'5" JC transfer will dazzle in Tech air show.
94. Bobby Wade, Arizona, WR
Shifty slot guy will thrive with ckovic.
95. Bradley Jennings, FSU, LB
Monster is finally the man in Tallahassee.
96. Raheem Orr, Rutgers, LB
Phenomenal specimen. Schiano calls him his new Dan Morgan.
97. DeMarco McNeil, Auburn, DT
Brash run-stuffer will be an All-American by 2002.
98. Eddie Freeman, UAB, DT
This 6'6", 300-pounder has NFL sleeper written all over him.
99. Terrell Suggs, ASU, DE
Superb pass-rusher just needs to get tougher against the run.
100. Ennie Haywood, Iowa State, RB
Converted FB has emerged as most productive back in Big 12.

Bruce Feldman covers college football for ESPN The Magazine. E-mail him at

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