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October 18, 2002
Hidden Talent: Kenny Lofton
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Next time San Francisco's speedster slides into home, don't be surprised if he breaks out the dustbuster.

TALENT: Housekeeping

Kenny Lofton
Make sure you use a coaster when you come to Kenny's house.
The Lofton Museum: I love cleaning. I clean up, wash dishes, and make a good bed. I'm pretty neat. I'm a perfectionist. People come to my house and they're like, "Man, do you actually live here?" I say, "Yeah! I just clean up after myself."

Chez Lofton: I can cook. My barbecued pot roast is pretty good. Also my grilled salmon. I take a filet of salmon, marinade it overnight for 24 hours, and throw it on the grill. What's in the marinade? I can't tell you all my secrets. But I can tell you I make a great banana pudding.

The Lofton Techinque: I hate a dirty kitchen before I go to bed. Before I leave my house, I make the bed. I like to tuck the covers in pretty tight. I'll even scrub the tub if I have to. But it's not like I ever let it get that dirty.

Lofton Exposed: I don't like to dust. I just like to clean up what I mess up.

Room Service: If I'm on the road and I have a maid come in, she's like, "What do you want me to do?" And I'm like, "I don't know. Whatever. Do something." I have to mess up some stuff just so she has something to do. There's just not a whole lot to clean when you don't really mess up too much.

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