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An Aikman bobbin'-head doll is easy, but tasteless. Try these sites for last-second holiday saves.
You shouldn't have:Redskins-logoed liquor flask for $27.99
No, really, you shouldn't have: Liquor not included
You shouldn't have: Why shell out $700 for a PlayStation 2 when you can nab a vintage Atari 2600 for less than $20? Pong, anyone?
No, really, you shouldn't have: And you can get a signed Maddox card for $5! Deal! Oh, wait, Tommy? Never mind.
You shouldn't have: Five G's for a cancelled check from The Babe. There's something you won't get from Joe D's estate.
No, really, you shouldn't have: Can you trust the pricing on a site that asks $350 for an autographed Shawn Kemp jersey -- without gravy stains?
You shouldn't have: A pic of your worst hathead could win $3,000. That's a lot of lids.
No, really, you shouldn't have: Design your own hat? Bad move.
You shouldn't have: Dad needs more swings? Win this essay contest and he can practice all he wants -- after he refills the soda machine.
No, really, you shouldn't have: $200 to enter. Get him a lesson instead.

This article appears in the December 25 issue of ESPN The Magazine -- but without the cool links.

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