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ESPN The Magazine: NFL Nation Fast Facts
ESPN The Magazine

As the Super Bowl looms on the horizon, The Magazine delves into NFL Nation -- the world's only sports superpower, a society unto itself. Here's a look at some fast facts.

Player pop.: 1,800

Founding Father: George Halas

Racial mix: 72% black, 26% white, 2% other

Independence Day: Aug. 20, 1920; APFA -- later the NFL -- founded

Nation's capital: Canton, Ohio

Number of millionaires: 540

Tag's salary: $5M; Dubya's salary: $400K; Martin Sheen's salary: $100K-$150K/episode

Leading export: NFL Europe

Average retirement age: 30; U.S.: 62.7

College grads: 25% of population

Average age: 25

Most popular vacation spot: Honolulu, site of Pro Bowl

Elite at '01 Pro Bowl: 87; elite of Delta Force: like the Army will tell us

Per capita income: $1M

Domestic budget: $4.5B; larger than 115 countries', about the size of Uruguay's

Rise in Nation's consumer prices (ticket cost), '97-'01: 46%; rise in U.S. consumer prices, '97-'01: 7.2%

Cost of Super Bowl: $50M; cost of Dubya's inaugural ball: $40M

Combined area of NFL stadiums and practice facilities: 0.19 square miles; total area of Vatican City: 0.27 square miles

NFL MVPs: 47; Congressional Medal of Honor winners: 3,456

Total area (32 NFL cities): 6,996 square miles, nearly the same size as Kuwait

Time zones: Four

Largest municipality: Redskins FedEx Stadium, game day pop. 85,407

This article appears in the February 4 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

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