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August 20, 2002
The Power 16
ESPN The Magazine

  • Exclusive: All 4 Regional Covers

    The QB is hitting the numbers, the stud recruit is blowing through the holes, the D looks devastating and the fans are fitting their foam fingers. In August, the season seems like one big tailgate to the Fiesta Bowl.

    Party schools
    The Magazine published four regional covers for the College Football Preview.
    But what does it really take to go wire to wire, from preseason favorite to postseason champ? That's where the Power 16 comes in: a poll of the sharpest football minds from the network, and The Mag to determine which teams have what it takes to play in one of the eight January bowls.

    We plug you into the Hot Wire, the spark that could ignite a title run; the Trip Wire, the weak link that could undo the dream; and the Wire Tap, a sound bite of counterintelligence from an opposing coach. And in the Bristol Wire, our TV cohorts give their expert assessments. Go ahead. Flip the switch.

    Caution: The links below are hot.

    The ESPN Power 16
    1 Oklahoma 9 Colorado
    2 Florida State 10 Washington State
    3 Miami 11 Washington
    4 Texas 12 Oregon
    5 Tennessee 13 Nebraska
    6 Florida 14 Michigan State
    7 Georgia 15 Virginia Tech
    8 Ohio State 16 LSU

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    This article appears in the September 2 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

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