Uni Watch: New line a step up

If you just heard a huge sigh of relief in the background, it's probably coming from college basketball fans who just saw the new line of March Madness uniforms released Thursday by adidas.

It's not that all of these uniforms are good (we'll get to the specifics in a second), but they're definitely better than what adidas came up with last year. Many fans called those designs "Zubaz-inspired," referring to the old zebra-patterned sportswear line, but here at Uni Watch HQ we called them the Fruit Stripe uniforms, because they looked like Fruit Stripe gum.

Compared to the Fruit Stripe set, the new adidas designs, which schools will start wearing in their conference tournaments, are fairly conventional. You can get a feel for them here (all photos courtesy of adidas; if you'd rather see the photos in a gallery format, click here):

Now let's take a closer look at some of the details:

• Like last year, some of the schools will be wearing sleeves (Baylor, UCLA, Cincinnati and Louisville), while others will stick with the more traditional tank tops (Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Wisconsin).

• Instead of the Fruit Stripe pattern, this year's designs feature little dot-dash patterns on the shorts and, for the tank top designs, the shoulders. Let's call it the Morse code design (click to enlarge):


The Morse code pattern is completely unnecessary, of course -- it's just a branding gimmick to make all the schools look as if they're part of Team adidas. Still, the pattern doesn't look terrible -- except when it appears in white on a colored background, at which point the Morse code design becomes the dandruff design:


• In a move that's sure to generate a lot of chatter, the Baylor set has "Sic'em Bears" on the chest, and the road design has been rendered in army green as a nod to the school's strong military history (click to enlarge):



• Interesting move for the Indiana home uni, which is cream-colored -- a reference to the Hoosiers' "crimson and cream" nickname (click to enlarge):


• What's even sillier than a cardinal gritting its teeth? A black cardinal gritting its teeth, as seen on the Louisville shorts:


Amid all the hype, it's worth remembering that there's no need to have special uniforms for March Madness. Why not just keep wearing the uniforms that got you into the tournament? But that ship has long since sailed, so we'll likely be seeing more March Madness uniforms in the days and weeks to come -- stay tuned.

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