Duke tops NCAA tournament leaderboard since 2000

Under the leadership of coach Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke Blue Devils have won 40 NCAA tournament games since 2000. Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Surely the ultimate measure of any program is winning the ultimate prize, a national title. And just in case you need a refresher, UCLA is still the all-time leader there. Bruins, I salute you!

Now, about the more recent past...

Connecticut and Duke have each claimed three championships since 2000, and in fact with with the Huskies also notching a title in 1999 (over the Blue Devils, naturally), UConn has won four of the last 17 national championships. That's a pretty good hit rate. Huskies, I salute you too!

Which brings me to the next order of business. Since you likely already know about both John Wooden and UConn's untrammeled national-title hegemony over the last decade-and-a-half, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a closer look at tournament performance for all teams since 2000. How successful has the Division I membership been at winning tournament games this millennium?

Here is every team that's won at least one NCAA tournament game since 2000, ranked according to number of victories. Ties were broken according to number of national titles: