Former committee members: Boeheim 'made his bed'

Boeheim: Selection committee shouldn't punish players (1:55)

After Syracuse fell to Pittsburgh in the second round of the ACC tournament, coach Jim Boeheim addresses the concern that the NCAA selection committee will judge the Orange for his nine-game suspension at the start of the season. (1:55)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Jim Boeheim feels as though his Syracuse program already served its punishment. However, many of his coaching peers, as well as former NCAA tournament selection committee members, disagree.

"I'm sure they'll talk about it, but don't believe it'll get any real weight," one former committee member said. "It's unfair to assume they would have won them all, plus he was suspended, not sick, injured or anything else."

"He made his bed," another former committee member added. "Now he's got to sleep in it."