NBA personnel rank college hoops' best point guards

Dennis Smith Jr. and the Wolfpack are 1-2 in ACC play. But what do NBA personnel think of the point guard's next-level prospects? Gerry Broome/AP Photo

UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball has captivated the college basketball community with his impressive court vision, passing ability and also his immediate impact on the UCLA program. NC State freshman Dennis Smith Jr. has displayed his other-worldly athleticism while Kentucky's De'Aaron Fox has blown away fans and opposing coaches with his speed and ability to defend. Markelle Fultz has put up better numbers than all of them but has done it in virtual obscurity while his Washington team has struggled to win games.

Four point guards. All cornerstones of their respective programs -- at least for a year. All having their games analyzed, not just by opposing coaching staffs, but also by NBA executives who will have a difficult task on their hands come June 22.

Figure out which one of these guys to draft.

I polled 15 NBA executives for their ranking of the top four point guards in college basketball. We're not going to include 6-foot-5 French floor leader Frank Ntilikina in the discussion, even though he could be taken before at least one, if not more, of these guys.