Picking a winner in all 32 conference tournaments

Dillon Brooks and the Ducks are the defending Pac-12 tournament champions. Kelvin Kuo/USA TODAY Sports

Keeping track of all 32 conference basketball tournaments (welcome to the fun, Ivy League!) can be a challenge, so here's a helpful forecast of the winner in every bracket.

First, a helpful reminder. These tournaments are weird, particularly at the major-conference level.

When you're speaking of multibid conferences, the participants in these events exhibit wildly varying forms of motivation -- everything from "just trying not to get injured" to "playing for our lives." Add to that the fact that teams are playing games on consecutive days, and you have a basketball setting unlike any other. Strange things are the norm.

Now, let us revel in the abundance of high-stakes March hoops (conference tournaments are listed in chronological order) ...