With Thad Matta out, whom should the Buckeyes go after?

Matta didn't want Ohio State tenure to end this way (1:55)

Jeff Goodman breaks down the circumstances leading to Thad Matta being out as coach of the Buckeyes after 13 seasons. (1:55)

It wasn't all that surprising that Thad Matta won't be coaching at Ohio State this coming season, but the timing was the baffling part of Matta's departure on Monday.

The first week of June isn't usually when a school decides to make a coaching change. Not unless something crazy happens.

Matta took over a program in shambles in 2004, one dealing with NCAA sanctions, and turned it into one of the best in the country for a significant stretch. He brought high-level talent to Columbus (i.e. Greg Oden, Mike Conley Jr., Jared Sullinger) and took the Buckeyes to a pair of Final Fours in his 13-year tenure.

But the program had taken a significant dip the last few years -- and watched the NCAA tourney as a bystander each of the past two seasons. Athletic director Gene Smith mentioned the lack of success recently on the recruiting trail as a major factor in why he decided to make a move now, and he was accurate in the fact that Ohio State just wasn't bringing in enough high-level players.

Now Smith will try to find someone that will put Ohio State back on the map in terms of hoops -- and it shouldn't be difficult to lure someone with a strong resume.