College basketball transfer rankings for 2021-22

Marcus Carr announced he would play the 2021-22 season at Texas on July 17. AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn

In a long-anticipated move, the NCAA announced on April 15 that student-athletes can now transfer once without needing to sit out a year.

While it could lead to more of a "free agency" feel each spring in college basketball, freedom of movement is something celebrated by the Transfer Rankings. The transfer portal has seen record numbers in terms of players leaving programs, but much of that has to do with seniors taking advantage of an extra year of eligibility. With the one-time transfer waiver passing, expect the numbers to remain fairly high over the next few years.

Upward of 100 players per day entered the portal during the NCAA tournament, with this offseason's transfer total surpassing 2019-20 numbers before March had even ended. We kept track of the top players changing addresses right here.

Updated August 30, 2021. Will be updated regularly.