Which men's college basketball prospects rose up and fell down the rankings?

TyTy Washington recently released his list of his top six schools: Arizona, Baylor, Kansas Kentucky, LSU and Oregon. Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

Men's college basketball recruiting hasn't stopped despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the NCAA's recruiting dead period being in place since March 2020.

The ESPN 100 (Class of 2021), ESPN 60 (Class of 2022) and ESPN 25 (Class of 2023) have been updated following the high school season, meaning some prospects rose considerably up the rankings for their respective classes.

As with any list, that also means there will be players who fell down the rankings, which can often be misunderstood. Many players who fall down the rankings are still elite but were simply overtaken in a highly competitive space. When a player rises up a board, he must sustain that high level of dedication and work to rise their talent even further. When a prospect drops, it's only temporary if he handles the feedback constructively.

Here are 10 players who rose up the rankings, fell slightly or developed their games to increase their stocks and make their debuts into the rankings.