Men's college basketball recruiting - Who are the best shot-makers and fastest players in the 2022 class?

Five-star small forward Dariq Whitehead is the sixth-ranked men's college basketball recruit in the Class of 2022. Who's Next

"Superlatives" may sound like something from the high school yearbook, not necessarily a relevant category for the best men's college basketball recruits in the country. But from an evaluator's perspective, it can be better described as a player's niche, which is extremely relevant.

Whether it is a college coach or NBA scout, a prospect's evaluation typically begins with whatever they do best. Once that's identified, the rest of the evaluation can be built out.

For example, Zion Williamson's freakish combination of power and explosiveness was his calling card, and only after properly identifying that did it become relevant to mention the quality of his hands, his natural touch around the rim or passing potential.

And when a prospect is truly elite in an area that translates levels (like many of the ones listed below), that makes them a potentially dynamic prospect for years to come.